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Welcome to Pastoral Aid
The subsequent droughts in the region, the suffering of the pastoralists and absence of drought recovery interventions and future coping mechanisms or disaster preparedness in place. The absence of local initiatives and no meaningful local voice for the local community was the biggest issue that led to the formation of the organization.The vacuums exist due to lack of funding to undertakemeaningful development in this region.
Development Programmes
The following development program interventions were developed by local communities of Northern Kenya:
Community Empowernment
Livestock Program
Water,sanitation and health
Food security and environment
Conflict resolution and civic education
Causes of Poverty
Major root causes of pastoral poverty are :
• Broken Traditional governance systems and coping mechanisms
• Lack of capital
• Lack of empowerment of the community
• Lack of knowledge and skills
• Absence of economic diversification.