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Conflict resolution and civic education

The program will promote pastoralists rights through civic education and awareness and conduct conflict resolution between ethnic groups.

  • Increase pastoral rights on legal procedures and exercise of justice
  • Conflict resolution and promotion of peaceful co-existence of pastoral communities.

Water Crisis
Water is a scarce commodity in northern Kenya and the situation worsen during droughts which occur with interval of two to three years.
Safe drinking water and basic sanitation is absent for over 70% of the population in the region and this cause ill health thus affecting the availability of productive labour.
The pastoralists move with their livestock far from available water sources in search of pasture for their livestock and sometimes the distance could involve several days trekking to the water source and back to their homestead thus seriously affecting the availability of water for domestic use, personal hygiene is compromised in most part of the year.
The trekking of pastoralists in search of water and pasture results increase of school drop outs and the girl child is denied access to education as their major role is to fetch water for domestic use.
The availability of water for domestic use depends on the ownership of baggage animals of respective pastoral households such as camel and donkeys. Those without baggage animals get relief water from neighbours’ who own the camels and donkeys.
Occasionally several settlements get their water through water tracking as far as 94 kilometres away from source of water. In such circumstances a jerrican of 20 litres of water is sold at 40 to 20 Kenya shillings

Community Project Cycle
The Community Project Cycle is a process of development work that empowers the respective communities own the whole process of their own development endeavours from preparation, design and implementation of projects.
Pastoral Aid believes that communities being in charge in their development agenda is a prerequisite for sustainable community development.

Partnership in Water & Sanitation
We were awarded partnership as support organization by Northern Water Services Board in their community water and sanitation programme funded by Africa Development Bank to provide services in project preparation for community owned water and sanitation projects in eight locations for 2010 fiscal year.

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