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Why Pastoral AID?
The subsequent droughts in the region, the suffering of the pastoralists and absence of drought recovery interventions and future coping mechanisms or disaster preparedness in place. The absence of local initiatives and no meaningful local voice for the local community was the biggest issue that led to the formation of the organization.
The vacuums exist due to lack of funding to undertake meaningful development in this region.
Our situation can be described as that of young toddler walking his sibling to Promised Land of honey. “We cant go where we want to go”. Our situation is “NOMAD”, meaning No Money for Active Development.
Droughts have been recurrent every other few years with people losing their livestock and moving to new cluster of villages to be recipients of relief food and thus developing dependency syndrome.
The pastoral drop outs are caught up in a vicious cycle of perpetuating in poverty with no hope to break through for ever increasing state of hopelessness. Pastoral Aid strategy aims at restoring hope and dignity for the pastoralists of Northern Kenya.


In the last two years the organization has realized the following achievements:-

  • Conducted four Environmental Impact Assessments for four water and sanitation projects on behalf of Northern Water Services Board funded by bilateral agencies such as Finish Fund for Cooperation.
  • Designed six water and sanitation projects for funding through Northern Water Services Board.
  • Three water and sanitation projects approved for funding by Water Services Trust Fund through Finish Fund for Cooperation, awaiting release of funds for implementation by mid-2011.
  • Acquired New Partnership through Northern Water Services with African Development Bank for ten water and sanitation projects.
  • Conducted four PHAST Trainings for 120 Community Health Workers and Public Health Technicians in April 2011 through EU Funding.


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