Causes of Pastoral Poverty
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Causes of Pastoral Poverty

The major root causes of pastoral poverty are intertwined issues such as :

  • Broken Traditional governance systems and coping mechanisms
  • Lack of capital
  • Lack of empowerment of the community
  • Lack of knowledge and skills
  • Absence of economic diversification.

The strategy of tackling the root causes is empowering local communities, mainly reviving their traditional systems of governance and coping mechanisms to install back their lost glory and dignity.

 Traditional Somali social security system was based on collective responsibility of its member’s plight and communal ownership of wealth. In the events of droughts or cattle rustlings, it was the responsibility of the community to provide re-investment capital and in the past one could even be richer than he was before the onset of drought.

Revival of the traditional systems is prerequisite for any sustainable community development among Somali community in the horn of Africa.

Our Traditional systems of governance was deliberately eroded by Kenya government as means of weakening the strength of community in early 1960s secessionist war when the Somali and Boran community wanted to secede to Somalia. The government replaced the traditional clan leaders with government appointed Chiefs and Assistant chiefs who served the interest of their employers and not their community.

Causes of Pastoral Poverty