Development Programmes
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Development Programmes

The following development program interventions were developed by local communities of Northern Kenya:

  • Community Empowerment
  • Livestock
  • Water, Sanitation and Health
  • Food Security and Environment
  • Conflict Resolution and Civic education

Ongoing Projects
The ongoing projects include:-

Implementation of three Water and sanitation projects funded by Africa Development Bank through Northern Water Services Board Partnership. These projects are in Fafi district of Garissa County and located at the following locations:-
  • Galmagalla – construction of water Dam with gallery.
  • Welmerer - Drilling of borehole and construction of infrastructures.
  • Jarajilla - Drilling of borehole and construction of infrastructures.
Capacity Building of water service providers funded by EU at the following water clusters:-
  • Alinjugur Cluster.
  • Liboi Cluster.
  • Kumahumatu Cluster.
  • Goreale Cluster.
Development Programmes
Community Empowernment
Livestock Program
Water,sanitation and health
Food security and environment
Conflict resolution and civic education