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Organization Vision

Pastoral Aid vision is to strengthen about 50% of existing pastoral community initiatives to eradicate abject poverty through political, economical empowerment and capacity building of community groups in Northern Kenya to actively articulate their development needs effectively and efficiently by 2030.

Mission Statement
To consolidate and coordinate efforts geared towards eradication of abject poverty amongst pastoral communities of Northern Kenya and thus reducing poverty by 25% through networking, community resource mobilization and soliciting external resources from willing donors by 2020.

Values & Principles
The organization strongly beliefs and observes the ethics of good governance to ensure equal participation of all stakeholders in decision making forums to articulate community development. Further the organization believes that good governance brings about the desired organizational mechanism which is prerequisite as effective vehicle of delivery of its long- term goals.
Pastoral Aid will cultivate for and maintain partnerships with organizations with similar concerns through developing a networking and establishing co-funding joint projects or establishing community to community linkages.
The organization beliefs in respecting local community culture and promoting cultural practices that assist communities in coping up with local hardships and strengthening traditional survival mechanisms and coping systems.
All our programmes have environmental impact assessment in built to avoid any negative impact to the environment and promote environmental conservation in all project sites.

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Organization Vision